1930's drum kit

 Beautiful old drum kit from ca. 1920 / 1930. Complete with a wheel mounted console with gold finish and trap table with original green felt. 27" bass drum (propably by Ludwig & Ludwig ) & 14" snare with gold sparkle finish and natural heads. Lugs and tension rods also probably by Ludwig & Ludwig (some marked with LL) Bass drum with light to keep the bass drum heads heated, therefore tighter, therefore better sounding. And it looks also very cool!  Vintage temple blocks, Two Leedy Chinese tack head tom toms with Leedy mounts.  Sonorus low boy hi-hat and bassdrum pedal, 30's Turkish paper thin crash and cymbal. 1930's Slapstick, drum sticks, brushes etc, all original. Wooden transport box with Art deco geometric fabric. Unique & rare piece and in this condition not often for sale. Price: Eur at request.